Easy skin care and makeup tips for our most common problems

We live in a busy world where so much unnecessary and bad information crosses our lives. As an esthetician and spa owner I have seen and discussed many skincare concerns with thousands of clients. These are some of the most common issues I have come across in my practice and some easy tips and hacks to address them.

Dry skin is especially concerning during and coming off the cold winter months. By adding a few drops of jojoba oil in your moisturizer, it will give your skin a little extra hydration and a nice glow. Jojoba oil is completely noncomedogenic. This term isalso sometimes referred to as non-occlusive, meaning that it will not congest your pores like most oils.

Drinking more water is very important for healthy skin. You should be drinking at least 8 cups a day or more based on your body weight and activity level. What a lot of people think are fine lines are actually dehydration. When then skin is hydrated it is more like a grape. Once dehydration begins to set in, it is more like a raisin.

We all know exercise is good for us. What exercise does for the skin is promote blood circulation throughout the skin which gives a more youthful appearance.

Certain areas of the body age more quickly like your neck, decollete, and back of hands because the skin is thinner in these areas. This is why we need to use specialized anti-aging ingredients in these areas to keep skin looking youthful. You should always apply the same products that you use on your face to these delicate areas as well.

If you have any form of rosacea, store your skincare products in the fridge to keep them cool. This helps reduce redness and inflammation of the skin. Eye cream should always be kept in the fridge no matter what your skin type is. Applying the cream at a lower temperature constricts blood vessels and has a depuffing effect around the eyes.

To combat acne in a pinch, use ice directly on the area. Ice will reduce redness and inflammation around the area. Turmeric is also an excellent anti-inflammatory. It is great for acne and rosacea which are both inflammatory disease’s of the skin. Add a little turmeric to your morning smoothie to help reduce redness and inflammation.

A non alcoholic toner can be used as a setting spray for your make up and keep your skin hydrated all day long. The main ingredients are toner, water and glycerin which gives a nice glow. I actually created my own spray that I use personally for all my make up applications on my clients.

You can easily eliminate the need for tinted moisturizer and a separate highlighter by combining products you already own. Mixing a little mineral foundation with your SPF creates the perfect tinted moisturizer in your shade for those days you want to wear something light. Highlighting your face is easily achieved by applying a small amount of your moisturizer on the high points of the face that light reflects off of. Areas like cheekbones, top of the nasal bone and above the center of the upper lip are perfect points of application.

If your mascara brush is getting caked up and your mascara has not reach the 6 month expiration yet, try running the brush under hot water to get any old residue off. If the mascara still seems a little clumpy, try adding a few drops of witch hazel into the tube to extend the life of you mascara.

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